Friday, May 15, 2020

Loony Head

                       Loony Head
Dreamy girl with a loony head,
Through grasslands and mountains she used to tread.

Stumbling and sliding she went all places,
Ignoring and processing all sorts of faces.
She danced to the wacky tunes,
And to traditional ones too she swooned.
Desires she only had a few,
Crazy they were, yes thats true.
She shared her world with those who wouldn't make her budge,
Yet one day all they did was judge.
"If you want to see Aroura with clouds so sunny!
Your dream is less crazy, more funny."
That was no dream,
But her insight, her - self, her haven ready to gleam.
So she pulled up her sleeves,
Who cares what the world belives.
A canvas, colours and brushes was all she needed,
Her dreams and her stories were the pearls ready to be beaded.
From flowers to a full moon,
A sunny beach and stary night, all was coming alive too soon.
Cheery bloosom walkway in France,
Arouras and cosmic bodies were on a prance.
The world was so ardent about competiting,
And she was busy capturing a moment that was fleeting.
Denser than woods, deeper than sea,
Giving her home, COSMOS was on a dancing spree.
She finally showed what it meant,
Aroura with clouds so sunny, when she had dreamt.
She fished from the cliff over the sunny cloud,
Call her a loony head, she will always be proud.